UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

Production Management

The solution facilitates the complete and mericulous control of all aspects pertaining to the production cycle, starting from the pre-production stages through to the final phase of final product delivery.

Production Plan

UniSoft Production Management solution provides the necessary tools for devising and implementing a resourceful production plan, whilst allowing the user to edit, amend, or alter the plan at any time as appropriate. The system also revises the quantity of materials required from the Purchasing department accordingly, together with their respective delivery schedules, in order to prevent any shortages during the manufacturing stage.

Production Technology

The production technology section of UniSoft Production Management solution is responsible for determining the manufacturing procedures applicable for each product, defining the required materials of each stage; together with the size of the necessary labor force and number of working hours needed. The technology also details the quality control plan to be implemented and the standard metrics required at the conclusion of each manufacturing stage.

Work Orders and Monitoring Production

Monthly work orders are determined according to the devised plan for each operational group present in the production plant. This allows the user to take full advantage of each group and to improve the efficiency and productivity of workflow cycles.

Work orders correspondent to the decisions made by the Technology department in conjunction with the plan outlined by the Planning division, and serve to specify the following details:

  • Quantity to be manufactured
  • Materials required
  • Production plan and machinery used
  • Size of the labor force and the number of working hours needed from each
  • Plan to be implemented by the Quality Control department

Quality Control

The Quality Control and Technology departments jointly define the required quality control plan to be implemented for each product following each manufacturing stage. The plan essentially works to determine the following:

  • Tests to be performed and testing equipment used
  • Standard values that must be present at each stage and the extent of compliance
  • Procedures followed in case of non-compliance, whether dismissal or re-manufacturing of product
  • Regularly calibrating the measuring equipment utilized

Service and Maintenance

The service and maintenance program focuses on studying each operational group, determining the parts requiring maintenance, and scheduling service timings in conjunction with devising a maintenance plan that includes:

  • The operational group undergoing maintenance
  • Date of maintenance
  • Duration of maintenance
  • Required equipment and devices
  • Store items needed for performing the maintenance
  • Number of technicians necessary for carrying out the maintenance
  • Determining whether maintenance work will necessitate the halting of activities
  • Type of maintenance; whether preventive or routine

Upon extracting the maintenance plan, work orders are then obtained by the Service department and dispatched to the Planning department, where they are examined and taken into consideration whilst laying out the final production plan.


The Cost Control division will survey and consider all costs associated with the final product, which include:

  • Cost of materials used
  • Cost of labor
  • Cost of equipment
  • Indirect costs and the ratio of their allocation to each product