UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

Human Resources & Payroll

UniSoft Human Resources and Payroll solution presents an assortment of versatile and innovative capabilities specifically designed to assist the user with anticipating and fulfilling rapidly changing corporate needs and requirements. The software boasts a spectrum of comprehensive, integrated and advanced tools that seamlessly operate in congruence with existing HR systems and processes. This contributes to consistently meeting  desired organizational and operational objectives; securing employee loyalty, while minimizing the numerous costs and complexities associated with administering salaries, benefits, recruitment procedures and performance management.

Real Time Financial Integration

UniSoft Human Resources and Payroll solution sanctions real time financial integration, thereby allowing more accurate cost allocation and access to various financial ledgers without the need to utilize or switch between countless software products.

Note: “interfacing” as proposed by numerous vendors differs from “integration” with a single database that is duly provided by us.

Employee Data

UniSoft Human Resources and Payroll solution effortlessly and efficiently manages all pertinent employee information, images and documents; in addition to maintaining a history of all subsequent and relevant changes to employee data such as inter-department transfers, promotions, salary increases and such.

Daily Transactions

The solution manages a comprehensive list of daily tasks, transactions and operations that are typically conducted by HR, which include but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring vacations and sick leaves
  • Expediting employee advances and loans
  • Computing penalties and bonuses
  • Overseeing absenteeism, attendance, overtime and deductions
  • Following up routine procedures such as renewal of residencies
  • Tracking company representatives and monitoring assigned tasks
  • Computing end of service and leave accruals
  • Monitoring the receipt and handing over of petty cash
  • Overseeing expiration dates of various official documents such as residencies, passports, permits and licenses


The solution manages a full range of monthly, daily and annual payroll transactions, while offering multi-currency support facilities as well as infinite flexibility and scalability with an organization’s finance and administration system. The solution also features automatic integration with UniSoft’s Financial Management solution and real time reporting capability.

Official and Administrative Forms

The solution makes available a wide array of updated official forms as utilized by various governmental units and divisions. It enables users to edit and amend these forms as necessary to accommodate and comply with changes instigated by the relevant official authorities. Also on offer are scores of standard administrative forms and templates such as leave requests, loan requests, certificates and more.


UniSoft Human Resources and Payroll solution boasts effortless coordination and acceleration of workflows in a time-efficient manner, which guarantees effective workflow monitoring by employing the following convenient characteristics:

  • Online system utilization that does not warrant for any special PC configurations or upgrades
  • Defining and setting a distinct work cycle for each document separately
  • Enabling employees to record and monitor requests corresponding to the serial number allocated to each
  • Allowing employees to access and view reports

General Features

  • Effortless interfacing with all finger print and attendance systems
  • Ability to accommodate the flexibility of the Kuwaiti Labor Law in the private sector and its recent revisions, while managing organizational as well as individual processes.
  • Supporting multi-currency operations within a single organization
  • Providing an extensive number of detailed employee and payroll reports, thus enabling efficient and seamless department control and efficiency at all times.