UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

Financial Management

UniSoft Financial Management software furnishes the user with innovative tools set to guarantee complete integration and consolidation of corporate financial data; thus allowing access to valuable reports that are decisive and imperative for strategic management and sound decision making. Boasting rich functionalities, advanced capabilities and versatile options, the solution features a unique architecture that is ideal for the creation of an unlimited number of key accounts and multi-tiered cost centers; hence facilitating a more comprehensive range of complex account analysis in a simple, seamless manner.

Cost Saving and Complete Integration

Eliminate any potential errors and streamline all processes by utilizing an accounting system that automatically integrates with other UniSoft software such as Human Resources Management – Inventory Management – Production Management – Point of Sale.


Our solution is regularly updated upon implementation in order to accommodate new requirements as they arise, all the while eliminating the need to resort to costly upgrades or soliciting the services of external consultants. UniSoft Financial Management software is specifically tailored and engineered to cater to the complete requirements of the local market.

Advanced Real Time Reporting

Obtain immediate access to comprehensive reports, statistics and analytics for an in-depth and accurate overview of the organization’s financial performance.

Remote Access

Staff who were previously unable to log on to the system due to time and/or location constraints can now receive urgent information in a timely manner through a variety of methods, including email and SMS.

Supporting Sound Decision Making

UniSoft Financial Management provides you with a wide range of financial reports, analytics, annual and monthly comparisons, accounting and cost center charts to assist corporate Management with sound and effective decision-making. Moreover, the program enables users to utilize various budget estimates for each distinct accounting period.


You can now accurately define and set diverse budgets in light of your organization’s performance over the course of previous years, or on the basis of individual components or separate cost centers.

Data Security and Confidentiality

User authorizations operate on an accounts or bonds basis, whereby each user is assigned the handling of a group of accounts and bonds subject to his authority. Additionally, the presence of authorization restrictions on all system screens and reports further guarantees ultimate data security and confidentiality at all times.

Fixed Assets

A significant feature of UniSoft Financial Management solution is the detailed recording of fixed assets, subsequent to which monthly authorization schedules can be produced. Key features of this component are as follows:

  • Controlling the computation of depreciations
  • Asset re-evaluation
  • Controlling the increase or decrease in asset value arising from re-evaluation, sale or addition
  • Interfacing with cost centers

Key Features

  • Simultaneously managing a number of organizations and fiscal years
  • Following up with banks and cheque books, and directly performing settlements in real time
  • Supporting multiple currencies
  • Multi-level posting
  • Multi-cost center support
  • Additional analytics to reduce complex accounting entries
  • Direct printing of cheques
  • Automatic registering of frequently recurring items
  • Extraction of financial reports without having to perform posting or closing procedures
  • Providing specialized solutions to a number of unique activities that normally require special handling