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UniSoft School Management System

Unisoft School Management System provides school a complete solution to manage its everyday operations. From financial management and inventory control to exam management and student registration, UniSoft provides a one-stop fully integrated solution that is specifically designed for the day-to-day school activities.

The system is also fully equipped with an internet portal that enables students and parents to access critical information such as assignments, attendance and grades.

Registration and Admission:

The registration and admission module provides school administrators with complete control over the entire process. The registration process for new students starts by specifying basic registration criteria such required age for each grade, necessary documents to be submitted, admission test dates, admission test charges, name of the teacher conducting the test

If the student is accepted, registration fees are collected (where applicable), and student’s stage and class are specified.

The registration and admissions process is monitored by a robust system in compliance with pre-defined criteria set by the

School Management such as:

  • Anticipated numbers of admitted male and female students
  • Number of new classes

Fee Collection and Management

School administrators can easily use the school fee management module to create dynamic fee structures defining the type of fees to be collected from a specific grade and the time of collection. A complete summary of payable fees and collected amount can be generated with the module. In addition, with this school fee management software daily fee collection reports can be made available to the concerned staff.

Absence & Attendance

With the absence and attendance module, student and teacher attendance becomes very easy to capture and maintain. Student attendance reports can be sent to parents via SMS or email. This powerful attendance management software provides parents with complete knowledge of the performance of their children.

The attendance management module is also used by teachers to easily monitor of their multiple classes.

Exam and Grade Management

An exam management module enables teachers and administrators to schedule and coordinate the examination schedules. In addition, it provides teachers with a simple and effective way to report and manage student grades, all on a profile-based access.

Students and parents can also be granted profile-based access to the schedules and grades.

Timetable Generation and Updates

Unisoft School Management System captures all parameters that are integral in creating a school timetable and automatically creates one with its timetable generation module. This timetable generation module takes into consideration the availability of teachers, number of students and classrooms.

The system also provides the flexibility to do manual intervention including overriding some of the rules you have defined earlier in the system.

Transport Management

The transportation management module allows for the management of timings of bus stops, bus routes, student pick-ups/drop-offs and according to the school schedule. This is then integrated fully with the financial module.

e-School Portal

UniSoft School Management System is equipped with an online portal that allows administrators, teachers, students and parents to access and update critical information on a profile-based access.

Through the based access teachers can update the grade books, attendance, discipline, as well as contact information for their students.

While online access keeps parents and students up to date with their coursework, enables them to track academic progress, and keeps the lines of communications open.