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Restaurants Management

This all-encompassing solution can be utilized for the effective and resourceful management of all restaurant operations, practices and processes; enabling the user to implement and fully monitor such tasks as sales, purchases, material consumption and much more. It can also generate a broad range of periodic reports detailing restaurant activities, consumables and cash flow.

Restaurant Inventory

This feature captures and stores extensive details pertaining to warehouse items, such as but not limited to:

  • Item specifics
  • Item components
  • Item categories
  • Item price
  • Item cost

A complete purchasing cycle can be produced, in addition to tracking any inventory movement such as the transfer of items from one warehouse to another.

Sales Service

The presence of a swift and seamless point of sale system enables the user to serve the largest possible number of customers using the minimum number of employees, regardless of their PC proficiency. In so doing, it employs the following features:

  • Full support of touch screens to facilitate and expedite the sales process
  • The capability of operating several points of sale simultaneously at the same restaurant
  • Sustaining the restaurant’s shift/roster system, insofar as handing over till contents and open invoices between shifts for each separate cash register
  • The accommodation of multi-payment methods (cash, credit card, K-net)
  • Effortless handling of any meal additions and/or modifications
  • The ability to print orders for each restaurant section separately


  • Dividing the restaurant into halls and floors
  • Differentiating between reserved and vacant tables
  • Booking and cancelling reservations
  • Adding the appropriate service charge to each invoice

Kitchen Display Screen

The screen instantly displays the orders placed at each point of sale as well as the requests received by home delivery operators, to enable restaurant employees to process these orders swiftly and without delay. This feature can also track kitchen activities as far as the time expended in completing requested meals.

Warehouse Monitoring

The system offers a complete and comprehensive inventory cycle to monitor such articles as food items, beverages, utensils and more; while tracking the delivery, transfer, production, depreciation and requisition of these items.

The user is able to closely monitor item costs, sales, expiry dates, etc. for an indefinite number of warehouses and restaurants simultaneously, by virtue of a number of reports specifically designed for this purpose. This attribute contributes to making informed and accurate decisions concerning quantities and items to be purchased, thereby keeping the level of accumulated or damaged goods to a minimum.

Home Delivery Service

The program is able to track any given order from the time it is placed, through to the preparation phase, and all the way to the dispatch and delivery stage to ensure speed and efficiency with every order. Additionally, the home delivery module boasts the following capabilities:

  • Retaining an infinite volume of client data, while demonstrating the ability to search customers through any listed contact numbers or name syllables.
  • Accommodating several addresses for a given customer
  • Effortless retrieval of previous orders placed
  • Placing orders, monitoring their execution and alerting the user of the time expended in completing the order.
  • Monitoring the order status to determine complete, cancelled or in progress delivery.
  • Following up delivery through dispatched drivers.

Customer Complaints

This module enables the user to carry out the following:

  • Record and categorize customer complaints and follow up all related procedures.
  • Obtain accurate reports and statistics to boost overall performance
  • Access full sales analysis of each item and each sales/delivery agent
  • Review delayed orders and identify reasons hindering prompt delivery
  • Obtain reports for returned, cancelled or rejected orders.

Purchase and Vendor Review

This feature supports vendors as well as both local and overseas purchases – in cash or otherwise. It handles all relevant financial transactions, boasting a multi-currency capability, while transferring values into the local currency. The system also retains the company’s account balance with vendors in different currencies, links invoices to LC documents and extracts a number of administration-related reports in addition to:

  • Availing balance statements and vendor accounts
  • Tracking unpaid purchases
  • Following up payment documents and payment deadlines.

Complete Confidentiality

As with other UniSoft solutions, the restaurant management solution guarantees the confidentiality of classified information by virtue of a set of advanced tools and functionalities that ensure the following:

  • A secure and safe system through which all program functions can be controlled
  • Administration is able to specify and control the different authority levels of sales staff
  • Capability of reviewing all sales operations
  • Bilingual system with a capacity to operate in both English and Arabic
  • Online interfacing of different branches and locations