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Real Estate Management

UniSoft Real Estate Management Solution

This is yet another resourceful and versatile solution devised by UniSoft, which seeks to ensure the efficient handling and management of owned properties, be they under direct or indirect ownership. Featuring an array of ingenious tools and functionalities, the software allows for the procurement of numerous reports availing such details as:

  • Property owner revenues
  • Property expenses
  • Expense types and categories
  • Overdue lease payments
  • Commissions payable to the property management company and much more…

Lease Contracts

The system allows the user to constantly add leased units as necessary and to create separate lease contracts showing the effective and termination dates of each. Where required, the program is then able to issue an alert in the form of a report log containing contracts due to expire in one month, two months, or any other time period specified by the user. Contracts can be printed on plain white paper or on corporate letterhead, with the system automatically inserting changeable data to each such as leaser’s name, unit number, lease figure, etc.

Other contracts may also be added as appropriate, such as maintenance agreements and other property-related service contracts. Upon so doing, the effective date and termination date are specified to enable the system to provide the user with the necessary notification as the respective termination dates are reached.

Lease Payments

Another valuable capability featured by the solution is the issuance of receipt vouchers for leased units, whether uniform or customized. These can bear a specific serial number, a corporate name and/or company logo where necessary.

The software chronicles lease payments through a payment screen, identifying a variety of details such as:

  • Payment methods – whether cash or cheque
  • Cheque number
  • Bank name
  • Payment date

A separate balance statement may be created for each leaseholder to determine and track outstanding payments, due dates, affected payment dates, etc.

Legal Disputes

Any arising legal disputes can also be documented, monitored and managed. All what is required from the user is to identify a list of pertinent details such as court case number, name of the assigned attorney, the relevant jurisdiction overseeing the case, hearing dates and the different verdicts passed, if any.

The Property Management software can be fully integrated with the Accounting Management program, whereby all data entered can be effortlessly migrated without necessitating the creation of new accounts; this is implemented by the system and posted to the accounting module automatically.