Specialized Solutions

Powerful and flexible solutions that fits your diverse business needs

UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

Specialized Solutions

UniSoft understands that your business is unique. Every business has unique requirements for success, so our solutions include the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

UniSoft Specialized Modules allows businesses to enhance their existing application framework and add customizations at a sensible cost.

UniSoft Specialized Module helps companies like yours:

  • Preserve unique processes within your business.
  • Create new functionality that fits your business needs.
  • Take advantage of UniSoft's expertise to build a framework that will improve your business.

Our specialized modules cover a whole range of industries and sectors:

  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Restaurants Management
  • School Management
  • Clinic Management
  • Lab Management