UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

UniSoft ERP

Seemless Integration of all your business processes with simple hassle-free implementation

Inventory Management

UniSoft Inventory Management software allows you to consolidate inventory systems into a single, integrated warehouse inventory control solution incorporating all stores and sales outlets. This presents the user with the opportunity to maintain better control over all inventory management operations, in addition to achieving complete integration with the existing Accounts, Sales and Purchasing systems.

Extensive Product Information

The solution allows all product details to be duly captured including descriptions, codes, supplier data and images; in addition to a number of other versatile features including:

  • Handling an unlimited number of products and warehouse facilities
  • Dividing products into multi-tiered categories
  • Using numerous units in handling a single product
  • Closely monitoring expiry dates
  • Tracking item serial numbers
  • Handling special items like wood, marble, glass and sponge using given dimensions (width, length, height)
  • Handling different colors and sizes of a single product
  • Multi-tiered alternative items
  • Utilizing service and assembly items
  • Using barcode scanners to manage inventory items quickly and accurately

Complete and Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

The built-in reporting system allows access to hundreds of reports, thus guaranteeing the transparency of all inventory management and control processes.

Full Movement History

Obtain a detailed history of inventory movements or adjustments to track down any potential problems. You can also closely supervise and monitor inventory movement logs to prevent the occurrence of any possible theft or manipulation.

Inventory Cost Management

Determine costs—and ultimately, profits— more accurately by automatically calculating landed cost and factoring in expenses such as shipping fees or duty charges. Thoroughly monitor foreign currency LCs, and easily calculate costs using different methods; either by computing the average cost, or discharging items on a first-come first-go basis, etc.

Robust Inventory Control Capabilities

Exert complete control over inventory replenishment by ensuring that you have sufficient quantities on hand to fill anticipated orders while keeping excess stock to a minimum. Calculate actual consumption rates, maintain a complete history of each lot number, assign an expiration date to each, and attach notes where appropriate.

Purchasing and Vendor Accounts

This is a durable tool that works to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of Purchasing department managers and employees. The solution provides all the relevant data and information necessary to assist with the process of determining the means and time schedules for issuing various purchase requests. It also clearly indicates product cost, hence furnishing the user with a complete and informed outlook on the situation.

UniSoft Inventory Management yields a comprehensive document cycle for the Purchasing department, which can be modified as appropriate according to the actual operations in effect, while taking care not to duplicate entries. System features include:

  • Linking purchases made with inventory delivery
  • Linking the system with existing LC documents
  • Allocating any additional costs to purchases made and determining the effects of such allocations on product cost
  • Linking purchases with previously allocated project budgets
  • Directly issuing purchase requests on the basis of consumption rate reports
  • Monitoring vendor accounts in different currencies

Sales and Customer Accounts

The sales system is looked upon as the central link connecting the company to its customers through various sales and/or marketing operations. It provides comprehensive details on the different types of customers, as well as complete chronological records pertaining to sales and marketing operations targeting those clients. The system also closely follows up relevant account statements and payment collection specifics.

Additionally, the solution offers extensive features that contribute to managing sales operations more effectively and efficiently. These are exclusive to UniSoft and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Supervising the credit limit and invoice due dates of each separate customer
  • Providing a comprehensive and cohesive cycle for sales and quotations
  • Following up invoices from the date of issue up until collection
  • Preparing delivery schedules and following up deliveries made at the warehouse
  • Handling returned items – be they flawed or otherwise – as well as free sales in a distinct way
  • Preparing discounts and seasonal offers as appropriate
  • Pricing products through different methods, while providing a price list for each customer and each client category