Executive Dashboard

UniSoft Executive Reports you need to see your data before you can act on it. Keep your business priorities in front of you all day with a UniSoft Executive Reports. This doesn’t just help you focus on key tasks. It also gives you a heads up if the numbers change. When they do, you can investigate and respond from your desktop without interrupting your work day.

Monitor Instantly:

  • Hourly or Daily Sales
  • Sales by Location
  • Best Selling Products
  • Cash Balances
  • Working Capital (Payables and Receivables)
  • Daily business profitability and expenses

Key Benefits:

  • Persistent awareness. Never guess, hunt for, or ask to see your top priorities.
  • Quick analysis. Understand, rearrange, and dig into results.
  • High performance. Stop interrupting your work to chase data and answers. Make good decisions on the fly and finish the task at hand.

Executive Dashboard

Our Executive Dashboard provides you with a way to quickly identify and monitor all of the factors to insure that they are performing at a level that will allow to achieve your business objectives.

SMS and E-mail Reports

Get any business report periodically on your mobile phone or your inbox. Whether it is daily sales reports or a daily working capital reports, get your reports instantly to make informed decisions to enhance your businesses efficiencies and reach your objectives.